This Cheap and Efficient Solar Panel is Banned in the U.S

Solar panels have come a long way in the past decade. Costs have been drastically reduced since they were first introduced, and support for home panels is growing at an exponential rate. So what is the problem? Why aren’t homes across America covered in panels and solar installation companies booming with business?

For one, even with all of the tax credits and cost reductions, the price is still out of budget for many homeowners who are focused on other renovations and updates to their home that are most cost effective. There is also a huge market of those who rent, and also homes who flat out don’t qualify for solar due to it’s location and exposure to sunlight?

Is there an answer for these people?

The answer is a solar plug and play system.  Finally we have an all in one solution for the average user that is cost effective, easy installation, and completely portable so you can take it to whichever future home you plan to rent or buy. How easy is the installation? Some of you may break a sweat, but it only requires that you plug it into your wall outlet. Some of you may be questioning that this defeats the purpose of having a green energy system if you must plug it into an outlet. The truth is, when you plug into the outlet you are far outweighing the energy you consume to the energy that you are producing, making it far worth it.

The cost of these units can vary but you can spend as little a few hundred dollars to begin powering some of the smaller components in your house such as the lights. The massive selling point of these units is the fact you can unplug them and carry them with you wherever you may be going. This appeals to the huge market of renters and travelers. Studies have been done and shown that plug and play solar power could power 2 major cities if the one problem they have is overcome. It truly does not get much more simple then this.

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Why isn’t everybody buying them?

The problem is that these units are still outlawed in most places in the United States.  The reason being is that like many other older laws, the legislation has not yet caught up to the technology.  The dangers are claimed that this plug and play system will overload the circuit it is plugged into and can create a dangerous fire hazard.

In studies that were done more recently by researchers like Joshua Pearce of MTU, evidence has been found that there are no safety related issues or possible technical failures that will be caused directly by the equipment. While there is a lot of current on one circuit, if circuits and outlets are properly grounded and loads are kept spread across other circuits, this poses no current threat. Unfortunately the legislation does not yet agree.

It is clear however that the potential is there. Last year at the end of 2015, we had a total of 25 Gigawatts installed, which have been amassed over the year. If the bans were lifted on the solar plug and play systems, it is estimated that immediately within 1 year, due to the high demand because of its cost and ease of use, over 60 Gigawatts would be installed. We could more then double the supply of solar we have amassed over decades within a single year, by just revisiting a single regulation.

This is truly a system that is more cut out to fit into the home of the average American, whether living paycheck to paycheck looking to make a difference, or the large homeowner just not willing to front the expense of an entire solar panel system.

Reputable research holds true

Pearce of Michigan Technological University says “The average American can buy them and install them with no training.” MTU is one of the leading universities in sustainable living and a green future, so their research is not taken lightly in this industry. “The technology is safe and the law should reflect that.”  Tests have also been done throughout Europe by companies who have been installing them for years and claim that not a single problem has been caused by the units to date.

We are on the cusp of having a technology that could explode the solar industry. Just by simply eliminating the current gray area that this law functions in, many homeowners can begin taking steps to saving real long term money, and the best part is when they are ready to move, unplug it and take it with you! It is time for our lawmakers and congress to realize that renewable resources are going to lead us to a much more sustainable future.

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