Monocrystalline 12V PV Solar Starter Kit by Renogy Review

We recently had the opportunity to review one of the most demanded PV solar starter kits on the market. We are always looking for a good way to get our readers interested into helping shift towards renewable energy, and this time it comes in the form of an insanely under-priced 12v monocrystalline photovoltaic solar starter kit. More importantly this is Renogy’s monocrystalline 12v PV Solar Starter Kit

About the Monocrystalline 12v PV Solar Starter Kit.

First we will get into the product itself and what exactly you are getting yourself into. The lowest price solar system is the 100 Watt kit. This really is a great entry level if you have no experience with solar at all, and at a price point of $196.99, what do you really even have to lose?

With this 100 watt kit we are able to run quite a bit more then we expected at this price point. This is best suited in an RV, shed, or another great solution for it would be a detached garage.  This PV solar kit, assuming it is installed to get the maximum sunlight, can power all of the lighting in the garage, and still have plenty of power leftover to run some 12v outlets to plug laptop or phone chargers in. On top of that it was even able to run a small 40″ LED TV.

A great feature about this kit, is it is easily expandable with more panels. They do in fact sell these exact kits with up to 400w worth of panels! So if you really want to dive deep into the solar world, get that bad boy and you can run a pretty substantial amount of power.

If you dream about turning that detached garage or shed into your own man cave, buying this monocrystalline PV solar kit by Renogy is really a no-brainer.  A common application many customers seem to use, although we did not try ourselves, is using this system to charge multiple batteries for RVs, golf carts, boats, ATVS etc. The system is pretty versatile and can power a variety of different systems however you see fit.

The product itself is very good quality, and lives up to the Renogy standard. It is not a mistake why this product has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 700 reviews! This kit truly comes with everything needed as pictured here, everything excluding a battery.
The package contents were as follows:

This takes us to the charge controller. While this charge controller will definitely function great with the starter kit, the 10A PWM controller did leave a little to be desired as we did see not as efficient transfer or power as we would have liked.

Pulse Width Modulation is not nearly as efficient as the new MPPT charge controllers, so if you plan on expanding past this 100w monocrystalline panel, we recommend getting one of the other Renogy MPPT charge controllers here. You won’t be disappointed especially if you are familiar with solar system setups already. It is worth noting that the 100w monocrystalline PV solar kit actually does come with a MPPT controller option and is priced at $311.17.

While we did not get to try the MPPT controller version, as far as overall value is concerned this is more then likely the best deal you are going to get. If you plan on sticking with just the 100w panel, however, the PWM charge controller is more then enough.

About RenogyImage result for renogy

Renogy is truly a great company that has a great selection of solar products, and huge plans for future products which we hope to get our hands on. The customer service team there is second to none and any problems you may have with your order, whether it is missing pieces or you just need help actually setting it up, they are a huge help. They have definitely established themselves as one of the leaders in cost efficient solar panel system kits for the home.  It will feel good knowing you aren’t buying some knockoff panels and you have a great company that truly wants to back their product, so we can guarantee you will be satisfied with the purchase.

Final thoughts and rating

So here are our final thoughts on the monocrystalline PV solar panel starter kit. If you have already been on the fence about getting a solar system for you home, you really have to look no further because as far as cost and quality comes, I guarantee you won’t be able to beat what you are getting for this price. If you haven’t been looking into getting a PV solar kit for your home, I would be surprised if you read this far, but if you did, you found the solar kit you want to start with.

For $196.99 for a monocrystalline solar kit, it is pretty tough to argue with the numbers, so if you ever were going to take the shot, buy it now.

One final note that we do recommend, while not essential, upgrade to the PV system that has the MPPT charge controller and you won’t be sorry. This is a much more efficient controller that will benefit you in the long run especially if you plan to expand the system with more panels.

The links to purchase each respective kit are under the price section. Start to make a difference, even if it is a small start, towards a renewable energy source and start to become energy dependant. Buy this monocrystalline PV solar kit now! With hundreds of highly satisfied customers you don’t need to look any further to start making a change so buy it now!




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