Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Brentwood Home Review

At Green Led Living strive to recommend innovative ways to help spread awareness among readers who are concerned with giving back to the environment. Recently, we were in the market for new mattresses, and stumbled upon gel memory foam mattresses.  More specifically was the Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Memory Foam Mattress, which is a type of mattress made using green and ethical materials.

In the realm of an environmental friendly product that people can grow accustomed to using inside their bedrooms, green mattresses are hardly mentioned anywhere.

For over 30 years, Brentwood Home has been focused in creating products made within the USA, using only ethically sourced and healthy materials. Not only that but their product comes with an outstanding 25 year limited warranty, blowing away much of the mattress competition. Check out this video showing how they make one of their natural mattresses right here at home in California!

How Brentwood Home Mattresses are Made in the USA

I had the distinct pleasure of trying Brentwood Home Gel Mattress quite recently, and I have to say that not only the quality was impressive, but it couldn’t get any better in terms of having a long lasting green organic mattress for our bedroom.

The mattress is priced a little above what a cheap queen would go for, but far less then high end mattresses at around $550-$575 for a queen, and the quality is definitely on the higher end. Take it as a onetime investment into an eco-friendly bedding solution that will continue to work flawlessly for years to come and if you compare it to standard mattresses the pricing is pretty competitive and you are getting a green product that in our opinion is far more comfortable.

What is a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Among other popular brands in the market, Brentwood Home has been developing eco-friendly products for a long time now. For over three years, the Gel Mattress has superseded customer expectations not only because it is an organic mattress, but it also constitutes several features that help result in comfort, healthy sleeping, effective heat dissipation and vice versa.

Normally, mattresses reduce their quality over time, and it doesn’t matter if they have memory gel infused foam or preset number of strategically placed springs. Over time, what happens is that the mattress becomes hard, and after some years you have to replace it. However, this is not the case for Brentwood Home organic mattress. Before buying the size mattress desired, I surveyed the online market to ensure that I was buying the right product. Needless to say, this mattress does not fail to impress due to environmental sustainability and tons of accompanying factors.

Key Features

The key highlights of the Brentwood Home Cypress green mattress are appended below. Do note that I may have missed a few things, but you can always find additional information on it by contacting them.

  • Certified USDA, CertiPUR and eco-friendly organic materials. Brentwood ensures that all the materials, especially the bamboo wood and New Zealand wool come from ethical sources. No trees are damaged when large scale procurement is carried for supplies. The materials come from proper sources that manage a healthy ratio of environmental resources used for production

  • 3.5 Inches polyurethane foam/ gel memory foam top layer ensures deeper hug effect as compared to competitor mattresses. In fact, the gel foam proportion is considerably more as opposed to what conventional market brands are offering at a higher price. Check the picture below for the full makeup of the mattress.

  • 100% Made in USA product. Brentwood Home is one of the very few companies that hardly outsource manufacturing. They do so to provide labor opportunities to workers inside the United States, and it also helps to ensure compliance with quality standards that the company stands for.

  • Odor resistant New Zealand wool lined cover.

  • Additional 7.5 Inches thick bottom layer to induce therapeutic back and limb support during sleep.

  • 25 Year Limited Warranty

Below are the different prices of sizes with Twin being a fairly cheap option, and the King the most expensive.

It is also imperative to mention that your new order of this mattress will come with an exclusive Bamboo zipper cover. This cover is a key component in wicking moisture, temperature regulation, and odor prevention.

Right out of the factory, these mattresses are compressed to fit their respective box packaging. Therefore as soon as you pull out the mattress, shuffle it a little to help it absorb air. It will take an hour or half a day for your new organic mattress to retain its original shape at full volume. So, don’t worry if you are under the impression that the mattress is smaller in size as opposed to what’s advertised.

Experience with the Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Brentwood Home Cypress Gel Mattress weighs in at approx. 50 Lbs. Right out of the box, this mattress looks and feels sturdy. However, after repeated use, you will notice its ability to contort around your limbs, so the more it’s used the better it becomes, so do not give up on it early.
This is all thanks to the organic memory foam layering underneath the New Zealand Wool cover, the foam will give you pleasant sinking feeling. All your limbs, starting from the top of your neck to the bottom of your feet – everything will adjust naturally within the foam’s inviting embrace.

Many new mattress owners complain about their mattresses getting too hot, which makes it impossible for them to stay in one position during what could have been a peaceful slumber. This is a common phenomenon, and occurs most likely due to the excess usage of synthetic materials on the manufacturer part.

Brentwood Home, however, handled things differently. Their entire range of mattresses features a ventilated layer, which helps in heat dissipation regardless of whether or not there is memory foam in there or not. The combination of gel memory foam and ventilated layering provides a thoroughly satisfying experience to users regardless of summer or winter season.

Brentwood Gel Memory Foam Mattress Components

To get the best bang out of your hard earned money, do not put this mattress on a separate spring palette. By default, this organic mattress is sturdy enough to offer the same experience equivalent to that of a spring bed. If possible, lay it out on a flat surface because both sides of this mattress are leveled to perfection and best suited to be spread out on the floor or a flat bed frame.

What you need to Know before Buying this or any Organic Mattress?

Organic mattresses vary in price and quality accordingly. It isn’t necessary for a green mattress with gel memory foam to give same results like other mattresses from competitor companies.  People often share their personal experiences to help those who are still weighing options prior to making an actual purchase, and that is what we are doing here.

Brentwood Home’s gel memory foam mattress mitigates temperature issues, it has a ventilated protective layer, the memory foam allows for adequate sinking and comes with a 25 year product warranty. Such traits make it a decent choice among those who are looking for a reliable product that won’t run into any issues down the road. The warranty, alone, on this mattress boasts confidence that Brentwood Home has placed in its proud creations over the last couple of years. Given the number of luxurious features offered in one package, Brentwood Home is a highly preferred brand in this market.

It is currently boasting an impressive 4.3 out of 5 rating with over 2500 reviews on Amazon! Other customers have been extremely pleased with their purchase and we know you will be as well!

The sizes range from Twin all the to way to King, and if you are ready to buy yours, head on over here now!

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